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Federal Programs


HCDE Department of Federal Programs


 Federal Programs: The Department of Federal Programs is responsible for all Federal grants, including Title I, Title II, Title III-A, School Improvement, 21st Century Grants, Family Resource, and Title X. Our department facilitates and ensures compliance with No Child Left Behind and other Federal and State laws.


Federal grants are financial aid from the US Department of Education that are designed to help the nation's schools achieve equity for all students. The grants provide additional resources to schools and provide assistance to those students who are considered economically disadvantaged. Federal Programs support our schools' mission to foster the personal and intellectual success of all students. Federal funds ensure a quality and equitable learning environment, enhanced staff development, and increased community support. In doing so, we are investing in the future of the Greater Chattanooga Area.


Family and Community Partnership: In Hamilton County Schools we believe the key to tomorrow’s prosperity is in the successful development of each individual child that comes to our schools. The foundation of the child’s future starts at home and is nurtured by the community involvement and educationally rich supportive environment. Our mission is to build a broad-based family support that involves the community at large, business and educational resources. Our goal is to invest these resources in the most valuable capital of the future – our students. Hamilton County Schools reflect the diversity that we experience in the Chattanooga Area - 75 different languages are spoken in our homes, parents and students come from 45 different countries. We embrace and welcome the diversity and strive to serve all the parents and communities.


Contact Information:


Preston Gonter, Federal Programs Director
Office: (423) 498-7098


Alvena Kauffman - Coordinator
Office: (423) 498-7101


Dr. Matthew Webb, Coordinator

Office:  (423) 498-7081


Anjelika Riano – District Coordinator of Family & Community Partnership, Language Acquisition Programs.

Office: (423) 498-7062


Gail Phillips, Administrative Assistant   
Office: (423)498-7097


Barbara Craigmiles, Staff Accountant/Bookkeeper    
Office: (423) 498-7102


Mary West, Bookkeeper     
Office: (423) 498-7103


Sandra DeLaune, Fixed Asset (part-time)

Office:  (423)  498-7108


Barbara Jordan, Part time Coordinator

Office:  (423) 498-7108


Freda Moore Smith, Part time Coordinator

Office:  (423) 498-7108



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