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Hamilton County Board of Education Board Policies

The Hamilton County Department of Education is guided by federal and state law along with local regulations defined by Board Policy. Board policies cover a range of activities including board member duties and expectations, governance. personnel issues, student issues, instruction and finance.

Get the Adobe Acrobat ReaderThe HCDE Board Policies are available to view or print in Adobe Acrobat format.  If you don't have the free reader installed on your system, you can download it from the Adobe web site.


View the entire Board Policy Document or view/print the individual Board Policies below.

Sub Folder Legal Status and Authority (9 Files)
Download 1.100 School Board Legal Status and Authority
Download 1.101 Duties and Powers of the Board of Education
Download 1.102 Board Members Legal Status
Download 1.103 Board Self-Evaluation
Download 1.104 Memberships
Download 1.105 School Board Legislative Involvement
Download 1.106 Duties of Individual Board Members
Download 1.107 Code of Ethics
Download 1.108 Nepotism
Sub Folder Board Members (6 Files)
Download 1.200 Method of Election of Officers
Download 1.201 Duties of Officers
Download 1.202 Duties of Board Members
Download 1.203 New Member Orientation
Download 1.204 Board Member Development
Download 1.205 Board-Director Relations
Sub Folder Committees/Consultants (3 Files)
Download 1.300 Board Committees
Download 1.301 Executive Committee
Download 1.302 School Attorney
Sub Folder Meetings and Procedures (8 Files)
Download 1.400 School Board Meetings
Download 1.401 Public Hearings
Download 1.402 Notification of Meetings
Download 1.403 Agendas
Download 1.404 Appearances Before the Board
Download 1.405 Rules of Order
Download 1.406 Minutes
Download 1.407 School Board Records
Sub Folder Community Relations (4 Files)
Download 1.500 Board-Community Relations
Download 1.501 Visitors to the Schools
Download 1.502 Board Meeting News Coverage
Download 1.503News Releases, News Conferences and Interviews
Sub Folder Policies and Procedures (2 Files)
Download 1.601 Administrative Procedures
Download 1.600 Policy Development and Adoption
Sub Folder School District Organization and Planning (3 Files)
Download 1.700 School District Goals and Objectives
Download 1.701 School District Planning
Download 1.705 School Based Decision-making
Sub Folder General School Management (8 Files)
Download 1.800 School Calendar
Download 1.801 School Day
Download 1.8011 Emergency Closings
Download 1.802 Section 504 and ADA Grievance Procedures
Download 1.803 Tobacco-Free Schools
Download 1.804 Drug-Free Workplace
Download 1.805 Use of Electronic Mail (e-mail)
Download 1.806 Advertising and Distribution of Materials in the Schools
Sub Folder Fiscal Management (2 Files)
Download 2.100 Fiscal Management Goals
Download 2.101 Duties of School System Employees
Sub Folder Budget (3 Files)
Download 2.200 Annual Operating Budget
Download 2.201 Line Item Transfer Authority
Download 2.300 State and Federal Aid Eligibility Determination
Sub Folder Revenue (7 Files)
Download 2.400 Revenues
Download 2.4001 Placement of Wireless Transmission Facilities
Download 2.401 Gifts and Bequests
Download 2.402 Investment Earnings
Download 2.403 Personal Property Sales
Download 2.500 Deposit of Funds
Download 2.600 Bonded Employees
Sub Folder Accounting (4 Files)
Download 2.700 Accounting System
Download 2.701 Financial Reports and Records
Download 2.702 Inventories
Download 2.703 Audits
Sub Folder Expenditures and Purchasing (13 Files)
Download 2.800 Expenditure of Funds
Download 2.801 Petty Cash Accounts
Download 2.802 Payroll Procedures
Download 2.803 Salary Deductions
Download 2.804 Expenses and Reimbursements
Download 2.805 Purchasing
Download 2.806 Bids and Quotations
Download 2.807 Requisitions
Download 2.808 Purchase Orders and Contracts
Download 2.809 Vendor Relations
Download 2.810 Payment Procedures
Download 2.900 Student Activity Funds Management
Download 2.910 School Support Organization
Sub Folder Support Services (1 Files)
Download 3.100 Support Services Goals
Sub Folder Facilities Management (10 Files)
Download 3.200 Buildings and Grounds Management
Download 3.201 Safety
Download 3.202 Emergency Preparedness Plan
Download 3.203 Crisis Management
Download 3.205 Security
Download 3.206 Community Use of School Facilities
Download 3.208 Facilities Planning
Download 3.209 Estimating Facility Cost
Download 3.210 Naming Schools and Facilities
Download 3.212 Involvement of Architects
Sub Folder Equipment and Supplies Management (3 Files)
Download 3.300 Equipment and Supplies Management
Download 3.3001 Use of Cellular Phones
Download 3.301 Equipment and Tools Use
Sub Folder Transportation Management (6 Files)
Download 3.400 Student Transportation Management
Download 3.401 Scheduling and Routing
Download 3.402 Special Use of School Vehicles
Download 3.403 Traffic and Parking Controls
Download 3.404 Private Vehicles
Download 3.405 Owner Operator Bus Service
Sub Folder Food Service Management (4 Files)
Download 3.500 Food Service Management
Download 3.501 Hamilton County Schools Wellness Policy
Download 3.502 Offer Versus Serve
Download 3.503 Food Employee Health Policy
Sub Folder Insurance Management (3 Files)
Download 2.900 Student Activity Funds Management
Download 3.600 Insurance Management
Download 3.601 Student Insurance Program
Sub Folder Instructional Program (1 Files)
Download 4.100 Instructional Goals
Sub Folder Curriculum Development and Programs (10 Files)
Download 4.206 College Credit Programs
Download 4.200 Curriculum Development
Download 4.201 Basic Program
Download 4.202 Exceptional Education
Download 4.203 Federal Programs
Download 4.204 Career and Technical Programs
Download 4.205 Magnet Programs
Download 4.207 Supplementary Programs
Download 4.210 Credit Recovery
Download 4.211 Work Based Learning Program
Sub Folder Extracurricular Programs (4 Files)
Download 4.300 Extracurricular Activities
Download 4.301 Field Trips and Excursions
Download 4.302 Intramural Athletics
Download 4.303 School Sponsored Student Publications
Sub Folder Instructional Materials and Services (8 Files)
Download 4.407 Audio Video and Digital Recordings
Download 4.400 Instructional Resources and Materials
Download 4.401 Textbook Selection Distribution and Care
Download 4.402 Selection of Instructional Materials
Download 4.403 Reconsideration of Instructional
Download 4.404 Use of Copyrighted Materials
Download 4.405 Employee-Developed Materials
Download 4.406 Use of the Internet
Sub Folder Community Instructional Resources (3 Files)
Download 4.500 Community Instructional Resources
Download 4.501 School Volunteers
Download 4.502 Parental Involvement
Sub Folder Academic Information (10 Files)
Download 4.600 Academic Information
Download 4.601 Grading System
Download 4.602 Reporting Student Progress
Download 4.603 Drivers License Revocation
Download 4.604 Parent Conferences
Download 4.605 Lottery Scholarships
Download 4.606 Graduation Requirements
Download 4.607 Graduation Activities
Download 4.608 Class Ranking
Download 4.609 Promotion-Retention K-8
Sub Folder Testing and Evaluation (1 Files)
Download 4.700 Testing Programs
Sub Folder Controversial Issues and Materials (2 Files)
Download 4.800 Controversial Issues
Download 4.801 Religion in Curriculum
Folder SECTION V - PERSONNEL (74 Files)
Sub Folder Employment Practices (22 Files)
Download 5.100 Goals for Personnel - Human Resources
Download 5.101 Creation of Positions and Lines of Authority
Download 5.102 Classification and Qualifications
Download 5.1021 Military Professionals Serving as JROTC Instructors
Download 5.103 Job Descriptions
Download 5.104 Equal Opportunity Employment
Download 5.1041 American with Disabilities
Download 5.105 Recruitment
Download 5.106 Application Recommendation Initial Employment
Download 5.1061 Criminal Records Check
Download 5.1062 Record Tampering
Download 5.107 Classified Employees
Download 5.108 Supervision
Download 5.109 Evaluation
Download 5.110 Compensation Guides and Contracts
Download 5.113 In-Service and Staff Development Opportunities
Download 5.114 Personnel Records
Download 5.1141 Teacher Effect Data
Download 5.1142 Employee Demographic Changes
Download 5.115 Assignment-Transfer
Download 5.116 Reductions in Force
Download 5.117 Procedure for Granting Tenure
Sub Folder Separation Practices (6 Files)
Download 5.200 Suspension-Dismissal of Non-tenured Teachers
Download 5.201 Suspension-Dismissal of Tenured Teachers
Download 5.202 Suspension-Dismissal of Non-Certified Employees
Download 5.203 Nonrenewal
Download 5.204 Resignation
Download 5.205 Retirement
Sub Folder Employee Leaves (15 Files)
Download 5.300 Short Term Leaves of Absence
Download 5.3001 Job Abandonment
Download 5.301 Religious, Emergency, and Legal Leave
Download 5.302 Sick Leave
Download 5.3021 Sick Leave Bank
Download 5.3022 Bereavement Leave
Download 5.303 Personal and Professional Leave
Download 5.304 Extended Leaves of Absence for Certificated-Classified Personnel
Download 5.305 Family and Medical Leave
Download 5.306 Military Leave
Download 5.307 Physical Assault Leave
Download 5.308 Sabbatical Leave
Download 5.309 Legislative Leave
Download 5.310 Vacations and Holidays
Download 5.311 ON-THE-JOB INJURY
Sub Folder Employee Health Practices (4 Files)
Download 5.400 Personnel Health Examinations-Communicable Diseases
Download 5.401 Acquired Immune Deficiency
Download 5.402 Hepatitis B - HBV
Download 5.403 Drug and Alcohol Testing for Employees
Sub Folder Grievances (5 Files)
Download 5.500 Employee Complaints
Download 5.501 Employee Grievances
Download 5.502 Harassment Sexual Harassment and Discrimination
Download 5.503 Complaints About School Personnel
Download 5.504 Evaluation Appeals
Sub Folder Employee Rights and Responsibilities (10 Files)
Download 5.600 Staff Rights and Responsibilities
Download 5.6001 Workplace Violence
Download 5.601 Conflict of Interest
Download 5.602 Time Schedules and Extra Duty
Download 5.604 Overtime Pay of Classified Personnel
Download 5.605 Staff Gifts and Solicitations
Download 5.606 Staff-Community Relations
Download 5.607 Non-School Employment
Download 5.608 Tutoring for Pay
Download 5.609 Reimbursement for Personal Property
Sub Folder Temporary Personnel (3 Files)
Download 5.700 Temporary Employees
Download 5.701 Substitute Teachers
Download 5.702 Student Teachers
Sub Folder Recruitment and Employment of the Director of Schools (4 Files)
Download 5.800 Director of Schools
Download 5.801 Director of Schools Recruitment and Selection
Download 5.802 Qualifications and Duties of the Director of Schools
Download 5.803 Evaluation of the Director of Schools
Sub Folder Negotiations (5 Files)
Download 5.900 Professional Personnel Negotiations-Legal Status
Download 5.901 Scope of Professional Negotiations
Download 5.902 Board Negotiating Agent
Download 5.903 Director of Schools Role in Negotiations
Download 5.904 Bargaining Progress Reporting
Folder SECTION VI - STUDENT (34 Files)
Sub Folder Student (1 Files)
Download 6.100 Student Goals
Sub Folder Attendance (8 Files)
Download 6.200 Attendance
Download 6.201 Compulsory Attendance Ages
Download 6.202 Home Schools
Download 6.203 School Admissions
Download 6.204 Non-Resident Students
Download 6.205 Student Assignments
Download 6.209 Child Custody Parental Access
Download 6.210 Registered Sex Offenders
Sub Folder Behavior and Discipline (7 Files)
Download 6.300 Code of Behavior and Discipline
Download 6.301 Rights and Responsibilities
Download 6.302 Procedural Due Process
Download 6.303 Interrogations and Searches
Download 6.304 Discrimination-Harassment
Download 6.307 Alcohol and Drug Use
Download 6.309 Zero Tolerance Offenses
Sub Folder Student Welfare (8 Files)
Download 6.401 Student Health Services
Download 6.403 Communicable Diseases
Download 6.404 Students Surveys, Analyses, and Evaluations
Download 6.408 Supervision of Students
Download 6.409 Child Abuse and Neglect
Download 6.412 Emergency Allergy Response Plan
Download 6.413 Prevention and Treatment of Sports Related Concussions
Download 6.415 Student Suicide Prevention
Sub Folder Individual Needs Students (5 Files)
Download 6.502 Foreign Exchange Students
Download 6.503 Homeless Students
Download 6.504 Migrant Students
Download 6.505 Students in Foster Care
Download 6.506 Homebound Guidelines
Sub Folder Student Records (3 Files)
Download 6.600 Student Records
Download 6.601 Students Records, Annual Notification of Rights
Download 6.602 Student Records Inspection & Correction Procedure
Sub Folder Student Activities (2 Files)
Download 6.701 Solicitation and Fundraising
Download 6.702 Student Clubs and Organizations

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