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Opportunity Zone
The Opportunity Zone Leadership Team
The Opportunity Zone Leadership Team

What is the Opportunity Zone?

Twelve high-priority schools have been included in this zone, with the express purpose of delivering the support which is critically needed in order to ensure that all students graduate post-secondary ready.

Opportunity Zone Mission and Purpose

The mission and purpose of the HCDE Opportunity Zone is to transform our lowest performing schools so that every student is well prepared to excel and succeed academically and socially. With the added support of the Opportunity Zone and focused efforts of the LEA, schools will be afforded the ability to:

  • Provide greater flexibility and autonomy over people, time, money, and instructional programs
  • Build turnaround resources and human capacity in Opportunity schools and provide added funding
  • Operate in an organized cluster of schools within the zone in an intentional and systematic way

How will the Opportunity Zone accomplish this task?

  • Provide principals and teachers greater flexibility to meet the education needs of a diverse and constantly changing student population
  • Improve quality of instruction
  • Increase the accountability for student achievement and success
  • Develop innovative approaches to engage students
  • Provide extended learning time that focuses on academics and enrichment opportunities
  • Allocate resources to fund innovative strategies and further educational gains
  • Engage parents and community partners with meaningful involvement opportunities


HCDE's Opportunity Zone Schools


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