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Kids First Coupon Books
Kids First


Kids First is a program administered by the Hamilton County Schools Fund for Excellence, a non-profit fundraising organization for the public schools in the Chattanooga area.  It creates a unique partnership that involves corporate sponsors, local merchants, students, teachers, parent volunteers, the media, and consumers, whose combined efforts result in a highly successful program that benefits the entire community.  Established in 1988, the Kids First Coupon Book program has raised nearly 14 million dollars for local public education.



The Kids First book features approximately 200 offers for discounts and free items from local restaurants, retailers, attractions, and service providers.  The books are sold through the elementary schools during a two-week period in September.  From the $10 purchase price, $7 is retained by the school, which chooses how it will spend the money raised.  For example, one school may devote the funds towards the purchase of upgraded computers and software, while another may buy new science equipment or use the money for educational field trips.  The remaining 30% of coupon book revenue covers program expenses and funds other projects that benefit the schools.  Because the fundraiser is operated in-house, not by a for-profit company, all proceeds stay in Hamilton County for the benefit of local schools.


For more information, visit or call (423) 498-7212.




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