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Return to Work

Return to Work

Related Medical Condition

If related to a medical condition (including maternity leave), submit your Return To Work (RTW) physician’s statement ( to Cathy Hendricks in Human Resources to fax number 423-498-6680 thirty (30) days prior to returning to work.   Failure to do so may result in a delayed return to work date.

Anticipated Restrictions

If restrictions are anticipated, contact Cathy Hendricks who will issue a letter that will require you to take a copy of your job description and a Return to Work form to your physician.   Or, if any restrictions are noted on your physician statement, you will be required to provide your physician with a copy of your job description and a return to work form for his/her review. You may not return to work until cleared by Human Resources.

The Superintendent reserves the right under state law to vary the dates of your requested leave in order to ensure the efficient operations of schools. You also may not be allowed to return to work earlier than your agreed upon date if another teacher is in an interim contract for your position.


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