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Special Dietary Needs

Due to the fact that the School Nutrition Program is regulated by different laws than the rest of the school, a separate form and process is required in order to make accommodations in the cafeteria, compared to the forms completed for the school nurse or school office. Accommodations will only be made for medically necessary reasons. All special dietary requests are processed at School Nutrition's Central Office and must be written on the approved Eating and Feeding Evaluation Form. This form must be completed and signed by a licensed healthcare provider which includes a medical doctor, podiatrist, nurse practitioner, physician's assistant, dentist, optometrist, and osteopathic physician.  This form must be reviewed and approved by the School Nutrition Central Office Staff prior to accommodations being made.  

The licensed healthcare provider must include the following information on the Eating and Feeding Form for an accommodation to be made:  

1)  A description of the mental or physical condition/impairment(s).

2) A description of how the mental or physical condition/impairment(s) restricts the student's diet.

3) A statement of the accommodation(s) requested for this student.  This could include foods to avoid and substitutions, specific grams of carbohydrates required per meal for a student with diabetes.

4) Licensed healthcare provider signature. 

The School Nutrition Program will not request medical records or laboratory results but may contact the licensed healthcare provider if the diet prescription and/or requested accommodation needs clarification. 


Note: All forms must be updated for the 2017-18 school year.

Click here to download the Eating and Feeding Evaluation Form


The School Nutrition Program is required to make accommodations to a student's meal offerings if the student has a medical or physical impairment that restricts the child's diet.  This may include students with disabilities as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.  This accommodation can be written into the student's Individual Education Plan and/or Section 504 plan.  The School Nutrition Program will make efforts to collaborate with the School Health Team, School Counselor, and/or staff at the child's individual school to ensure the dietary needs of this child are met at their school.  To request an IEP or Section 504 meeting to determine eligibility, please contact your school counselor or principal.   

Please note:  The information on the Eating and Feeding Evaluation Form is considered a diet order or diet prescription and the cafeteria staff must follow it accordingly once submitted and approved by the School Nutrition Program.  If the student's physical or mental condition changes and the dietary restrictions change subsequently, the licensed healthcare professional must submit a new form to the School Nutrition Office.  The School Nutrition Staff cannot take verbal orders from providers or parents on the change of medical condition.  Once the new form is submitted and approved by the School Nutrition Central Office staff, the new accommodation(s) be honored.   


For more information on special dietary requests, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page or contact the Kathryn Terry, Supervisor of Nutrition Services/Registered Dietitian at (423) 498-7286 or via email at 


For a list of which foods contain certain allergens, check out our Nutrition Analysis page.


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