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Calendar Survey for parents and community
2019-2020 Calendar Option #1
2019-2020 Calendar Option #1
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A Calendar Committee made up of parents, community members, and staff met for three weeks and looked at the school system calendar to provide options for the board to consider regarding a new school calendar for next year. The group developed a calendar that focused on three areas of importance.

  1. Seek to eliminate short weeks (2 or 3 days) due to poor attendance of students and teachers believing these days to be unproductive academic days
  2. Place a Professional Development Day at the end of the year for teacher professional development
  3. Bring consistency to major breaks from year-to-year 

The board had previously considered a draft in November that included a calendar format that had been used for the last few years in the school system.

The two calendars are provided for parents and the community to consider and provide your thoughts regarding a new school calendar. Please review the calendars and take this short survey to share how you feel regarding calendar options.

The Calendar Committee also developed a calendar for 2019-2020 to provide

The calendars are:

2018-2019 Calendar Option #1 (The original draft of the calendar)

2018-2019 Calendar Option #2 (The committee draft of the calendar)

2019-2020 Calendar Option #1 (Based on the original draft)

2019-2020 Calendar Option #2 (Developed by the committee)

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