Board Future Ready Plan Focus Areas

In 2017, the Board adopted a strategic plan that elevated focus areas to further define the strategic direction for district leadership.

  1. Great Teachers, Great Leaders 
    A highly effective, supported teacher in every classroom and a strong leader in every building.
  2. Engage every child. Everyday. 
    Students who are motivated and interested in learning are more successful, confident and experience higher achievement. Fostering curiosity, creativity, and a love of learning are key to the hope, well-being and achievement of our students.
  3. Strong Foundations: Literacy and Math
    Critical to a student’s success both in school and beyond, literacy is more than reading and spans all subject areas and skills. Math is also a critical skill and tied to many of the growing job opportunities in our community.
  4. Building Our Values: Culture, Climate and Communication
    Strong, supportive school climate and culture are essential to the success of our students and schools. Improve internal and external communication and increase public confidence in our school system
  5. Future Ready: Prepare all Students for College and Career
    Creating pathways and opportunities for students as they prepare for post-secondary education and careers.
  6. Close the Opportunity Gap
    Intentional and focused support on our most at-risk students and schools reflects our commitment to equity and success for all students.