School Accountability

Given the new requirements of ESSA to both differentiate all schools annually and to include a metric of school quality and student success, the TDOE created a framework for school accountability that aligns with state goals and priorities. The school accountability framework builds off the district model and provides multiple measures to capture the range of ways schools serve our students. 

The following indicators will be used for all students and overall subgroup performance:


All Students and Subgroup Metric (n >= 30)
(Progress toward on track+)
Absolute proficiency or AMO targets (targets set to increase the percent of students scoring at or above on track)
(Progress toward approaching, on track, mastered)
TVAAS (student level growth measure across achievement continuum)
Graduation Rate Percent of students who earn a regular diploma within four years and a summer
Ready Graduate Graduation rate x [percent of graduates scoring 21+ on ACT
Chronically Out of School Chronic absenteeism, including out-of-school suspension (absolute or targets)
English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA)
(based on 10 or more valid tests)
Performance on WIDA ACCESS


Beginning with the data from the 2018-19 school year, these metrics will be used to generate an overall A-F letter grade for every school in Tennessee. In addition, the department will recognize Reward schools earning top performance in growth or achievement. Priority schools will also be identified for comprehensive support, which includes those schools in the lowest five percent based on achievement or high schools with graduation rates below 67%. Finally, Focus schools will be identified for targeted support based on those schools with any subgroup performing in the lowest five percent based on achievement.