Opportunity Zone

In August of 2017, the Hamilton County Schools took bold and unprecedented action by creating the Opportunity Zone, a group of twelve schools with the greatest opportunity for improvement.  A leadership team of talented educators was urgently assembled to define and develop the work, addressing school turnaround from five angles — Great Teachers, Great Leaders, Powerful Basics, Engaging Hooks and Supportive Community.

In the Opportunity Zone, we are focused on winning. Every teacher win, school win or zone win is a win for our kids.

5 Key Focus AreasOpp Zone Graphic 5 Levers

  • Great Teachers: Recruit, support, and retain the best teachers
  • Great Leaders: Intensive coaching and support for principals and leaders who can draw focus to the work
  • Powerful Basics: Intense focus on high quality, consistent literacy and math instruction
  • Engaging Hooks: Focus on Opportunities to Increase Engagement
  • Supportive Village: Community-based supports to take care of the whole child