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Frequently Asked FRI Questions

Is the institute for college preparation only?
No. The institutes support career- and college-ready experiences. Integrated experiences within each institute will foster the critical thinking skills necessary for future success.

What benefits do students receive when joining an institute?

Students enrolling in a Future Ready Institute will have the opportunity to jumpstart their lives after high school. Institutes will provide unique learning experiences including: hands on project development, guest speakers from business and industry, job shadowing, internships, workforce certifications, college credits, and so much more. A Future Ready Institute also incorporates the small learning community approach. Smaller learning communities allow for students to grow in their collaboration with each other as well as giving teachers the chance to build deeper, positive relationships with students while gaining a clear understanding of their needs for success.

Who can apply for an institute?

Currently In HCDE Zone: Any zoned HCDE eighth grade student who is scheduled to be a freshman in 2019-2020. 
Out of HCDE: Any students who currently do not live in the Hamilton County Schools zone but will be living in zone and enroll as a freshman for the 2018-2019 school year may apply with documentation stating he or she will be moving into the Hamilton County Schools zone for the 2019-2020 school year.

If a student is currently home schooled or attending a charter, magnet or private school in Hamilton County, can he or she apply to a Future Ready Institute?
A student who is not currently enrolled in a HCDE school or enrolled in a district charter, magnet school, or private school and resides in Hamilton County may apply to an institute for the 2019-2020 school year. HCDE registration forms are required to complete registration.

How can I learn more about institute locations and programs?
Attendance at an institute Parent Information Night is highly recommended. See out 2019 Future Ready Institutes Information Sessions list for a complete set of dates.

How does a student apply for an institute?
Applications will be available at the institute Parent Information Night, the school counseling offices of all HCDE middle and high schools, and electronically at Timelines for applications will be publicized when applications open.

What is the application criterion for Future Ready Institutes?
The application criterion for an institute is based only on student interest and enrollment at the school offering institute.

Once a student has applied, what process is followed for selection?
The number of students accepted into an institute will be based on the school’s capacity, with at least 25% of the school institute’s enrollment designated for students living outside of a school’s zone. A lottery will be held to determine the selection of students if interest is greater than the allotted institute positions. Students and parents will be notified of their selection status soon after the application deadline. Parents will be notified by individual institute schools regarding processes for the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

If a student is not selected for the institute will he or she still have a chance to attend?

Each institute will maintain a waiting list until at least July 31, 2019. If other students who were selected choose not to register, the institute will contact students on the waiting list. 

What is the withdrawal policy if a student changes his or her mind about attending the institute?
It is critical that a student who applies for an institute does so based on his or her interest in the college and career theme of the institute. If a student withdraws from an institute, he or she must return to his or her zoned high school. Although a student may withdraw at any point in the school year, it is important to note this could impact a student’s ability to complete a career and technical education (CTE) pathway. Parents and students should consult the school administration and guidance counselor prior to withdrawal.

What if a student is admitted to the institute but decides he or she no longer wants to take the institute pathway classes?
If students are attending the institute out of zone, they must be enrolled in the institute classes to remain at the school of choice. If the student, at the end of a school year, decides to enroll in classes that are not aligned with the institute pathway, he or she will be withdrawn from the institute and asked to return to his or her zoned high school.

If a freshman student enrolls in a new school in the middle of the 2019-2020 school year, can he or she enroll in the school’s institute?
Pending availability, a student who has transferred as a freshman in the middle of the 2019-2020 school year can be enrolled in the school’s institute.

If a student decides to withdraw from an institute, will that impact his or her ability to compete in sports?
Once a student has been accepted to an institute, he or she is now considered a member of that school. If a student withdraws from the institute, he or she must return to their zoned high school. If a student chooses to practice or play on a school sports team and then leave the institute, the student should speak with the Athletic Director about eligibility rules for transfer students before withdrawing, as he or she must follow the existing transfer or hardship policies established by the TSSAA. See the TSSAA website for further clarification.

What transportation options are available if a student chooses an institute not offered at his/her zoned school?
Parents are responsible for transportation to the institute if it is located outside of the student’s zoned school.