Mitzi Delker
Director of Exceptional Education

 Alecia Shelton
Administrative Assistant to the
Director of Exceptional Education

 ☎️ 423.498.7113
📠 423.498.6670

Valencia Martin
☎️423.498.7115 ext. 20100

Jennifer Parr
Secretary of EasyIEP and Data Technician
☎️ 423.498.7114 ext. 20099
📧  EasyIEP Support


Christina Moore 
Elementary Supervisor
Stephanie Laymon
Middle School Supervisor
Lead Teachers     Lead Teachers 
 Kristie Wade     Mindy Byerley
 Scott Fairchild       
 Jill Spain       

Jennifer Allison 
High School Supervisor
Celeste McKenzie
MidTown Supervisor
Lead Teachers Lead Teacher
 April Grubbs LaTasha Harden
 Charles Weems  
 Wendy Evett
Programs: Kathy Petros
Supervisor of Assessment Services                                        
🔹WALC-HS Students      🔹Project SEARCH
🔹Incarcerated Youth     
🔹Orange Grove (School Age)
🔹Signal Center (Adults) 🔹Work-based Learning 
🔹Gestamp Work-based Learning Program
    Polytech Academy at Chattanooga State
☎️ 423.498.7200
  Child Find Assessment Services
🔹  School Psychologist

Preschool Assessment and Learning Services (P.A.L.S.)
Private/Homeschool Assessment Services

Behavior Support Services

             Mary Haymaker, BCBA
             Jennifer Powell, BCBA
             Amy Thomson, BCBA

Terrilyn Ladd
Supervisor of Related Services                       
Mary-Margaret Satterfield
ExEd PreK Coordinator                                                               
Lead Teachers
Emily Darr
   🔹  Assistive Technology
   🔹  Visual Disabilities

Jennifer Rodgers
   🔹  SLP/OT/PT
   🔹  Audiology/Deaf Ed

Ty Campbell
Lead Teacher Gifted Services
Demetrius Wiley
ELA and Easy IEP Coordinator
☎️423.498.7242 📧 Easy IEP
  ☎️423.498.7114 (EasyIEP)
Kimberly Reynolds
Technology Coordinator
Assistive Technology Specialist
Tracy Creasman
CPI Coordinator
☎️423.498.7196    🔹Technology Support & Training
☎️423.498.7004   🔹Assistive Technology
☎️ 423.498.7195