Teacher Appreciation Week- Caitlin Ellico
Posted on 05/06/2024
Teacher Appreciation Week- Caitlin EllicoChattanooga, TN – Caitlin Ellico, a dedicated educator at Red Bank Elementary School, embodies the district's commitments through her admirable approach to teaching and student engagement. Dedicated, engaging, and enthusiastic are the words used to describe Ellico by Red Bank Elementary Principal Lindsey Hagan.

Ellico, in her first year at Red Bank and eleventh year in the profession, has demonstrated a profound commitment to fostering environments where every student learns and belongs. Ellico started her journey in teaching over ten years ago, and has spent the last five years at various elementary schools in Hamilton County. Ellico stated she got into teaching after a lifelong passion of teaching kids starting with babysitting and coaching volleyball during her time in high school and college. Her passion for teaching young children shines through her words as she speaks about her connection to her students, “Our classroom is a family. I love every one of my students.”

Her background in coaching and education in teaching create a unique skill set for assisting students through developmental play. Ellico's innovative teaching methods, such as making butter with her students to introduce them to scientific processes while integrating mathematical concepts, highlight her dedication to hands-on learning and productive play. Her approach not only makes learning engaging and fun but also cultivates an environment where students are encouraged to become thinkers, leaders, and learners. "This time of year is always exciting to see how much the kids have grown," Ellico reflects, emphasizing the joy and fulfillment derived from witnessing her students' academic and personal growth.

Principal Hagan commends Ellico's unwavering enthusiasm and commitment: "Mrs. Ellico brings a relentless enthusiasm to her role and is truly dedicated to engaging all students at every level.".

As Hamilton County Schools continues to celebrate the invaluable contributions of educators like Caitlin Ellico during Teacher Appreciation Week, it's clear that the district's strategic plan, Opportunity 2030, is well on its way to ensuring that all children thrive and experience a future without limits. Thank you Mrs. Ellico for all you do for your students every day. Take a moment to thank a teacher today for their inspiring work.