Teacher Appreciation Week- Megan Phillips
Posted on 05/07/2024
Teacher Appreciation Week- Megan PhillipsChattanooga, TN – Megan Phillips, Exceptional Education educator at Sale Creek Middle High School, lives out the Hamilton County Schools vision for creating opportunities by design for all students through nurturing limitless futures for students with unique strengths and challenges.

With over a decade tenure at Sale Creek Middle High School, Phillip’s journey began with a profound love for substitute teaching, which blossomed into a passionate career in exceptional education. "I started subbing with exceptional education, and I just fell in love with the kids. They are just happy to be there," Phillip recalls. Her dedication to inclusion and one-on-one attention highlights the district's commitment to ensuring Every Student Learns and Every Student Belongs. Phillip’s approach to education, focusing on smaller groups, allows her to forge strong connections with families, building a community where every member feels valued and supported.

Phillip’s story is a testament to the power of growth and the beauty of watching students transform over six years from eager sixth graders to independent, capable young adults ready to embrace their futures. "I love graduation—seeing my kids walk across the stage and seeing it all come together," Megan shares with a smile that shows her love for every student. Her role extends beyond teaching; she is an advocate, a mentor, and a family to her students. By connecting families with general classroom teachers and district programs, Phillips ensures that every student receives opportunities for quality of life and purpose, resonating with the district's just cause that all students thrive and experience a future without limits.

Hamilton County Schools recognizes the vital role of exceptional educators like Megan Phillips, who go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of students with specialized needs. "We need great exceptional education teachers. It's rewarding, you make memories with these families, and it's a greater purpose than just working every day," Megan asserts. Her story is a beacon of hope and a reminder of the rewarding journey of education, where the collective efforts of dedicated educators and supportive communities can transform lives.

As Teacher Appreciation Week continues, Hamilton County Schools invites the community to join in celebrating Megan Phillips and all the exceptional educators who contribute tirelessly to creating a future without limits for every child. Their dedication ensures that Hamilton County Schools remains a place where every student learns, belongs, is equipped, and thrives. Take a moment to thank a teacher today for their inspiring work.