Teacher Appreciation Week- JuNichia Smith-Rock
Posted on 05/09/2024
Teacher Appreciation Week- JuNichia Smith-RockChattanooga, Tennessee- JuNichia Smith-Rock, a dedicated first-grade teacher at Wolftever Creek Elementary, is being celebrated during Teacher Appreciation Week for her remarkable 14-year teaching journey at Hamilton County Schools. Mrs. Rock's educational path began at Orchard Knob Elementary, where she taught Pre-K before discovering her passion for teaching first grade at Wolftever. She embarked on a mission not only to educate but also to establish connections with her students and their families.

Mrs. Rock is recognized for her exceptional communication skills, creating a welcoming environment where every student feels valued and heard. She encourages her students to find their own ways to solve problems, boosting their confidence and independence.

Reflecting on her teaching philosophy, Mrs. Rock emphasizes the significance of building relationships with students and their families, combined with consistent communication: "As long as you build a relationship with the kids and their families, and you’re a consistent communicator with them, everything flows."

Mrs. Rock's passion for growth and collaboration is evident in her close partnership with her staff peers, emphasizing the importance of supportive relationships among educators. Her commitment to personal and professional development is further demonstrated through her participation in online personal development courses and collaboration with instructional coaches. Mrs. Rock's recent achievement of a master's degree in leadership in 2022 underscores her ambition to lead and inspire her students and colleagues.

Wolftever Creek Elementary, with its intimate classroom setting and diverse student population, provides an ideal environment for Mrs. Rock's innovative teaching methods. Whether through tailored lessons or engaging activities for struggling students, she ensures that every child thrives, aligning with the district’s vision of a limitless future. As Hamilton County Schools continues its journey toward Opportunity 2030, educators like Mrs. Rock lead the way, deliberately creating opportunities for all students.