In considering the board goals and strategic plan, community input, and TDOE’s ESSA state plan, district administration has worked to incorporate this guidance into the Future Ready 2023! plan that follows in this document. This work plan will help guide schools and central office to meet board and community priorities. We have organized the feedback into five action areas that form the basis of a detailed work plan which the district will execute over the next three years.
The appropriate central office staff personnel will take ownership of the defined action steps and align to the work of teachers and leaders in our schools. District administrators will regularly report to the board and community its progress on these action areas. Moreover, the key performance indicators (KPIs) identified for each area will provide the community transparent reporting on outcomes. The KPIs define the accountability for the results we expect based on successfully implementing our five-year plan.

Focus Five Performance Targets

In addition to the KPIs and related targets that we have defined, the district will pursue five overarching performance targets to measure our success at the end of the Future Ready 2023! five-year time-frame. Learn more >>