#3 – New Future Ready Institutes coming to Hamilton County high schools
Posted on 08/02/2019
BlueCross personnel work on the BlueCross Technology Academy at Red Bank High We are counting down the top seven reasons to be excited about the first day of school on Wednesday, August 7. Yes, Wednesday is the first day of school!

Reason #3: New Future Ready Institutes coming to Hamilton County high schools

Six new Future Ready Institutes will open in Hamilton County Schools with the start of the new school year. There will be a total of 27 Future Ready Institutes providing more options for students with varied interests, hopes, and dreams.

Future Ready Institutes will begin their second year of operation in the fall as the current students will move up to become the sophomore class at each school while current eighth-graders have the opportunity to apply for the new freshman class. Future Ready Institutes provide students with a unique learning environment that tailors their education to career-themed subjects. Each institute has its unique curriculum with career teachers working hand-in-hand with academic subject teachers to make learning meaningful for each participant. Students also have opportunities for college credits and industry-based certifications. The goal of Future Ready Institutes is to help high school students jump-start their college education, collaborate with local business professionals, and work toward a future career.

The program found immediate success with one-third of this year’s freshman class enrolled in a Future Ready Institute. Seven organizations joined the program as “branded partners” with Unum providing support for teacher professional development and externships. Bryan College, BlueCross, Erlanger, EPB, See Rock City, and UTC added their name to six of the individual institutes and provided expertise and resources in business and marketing, healthcare and innovation, technology and networking, and teaching and learning.

In total, over 50 organizations, businesses, college programs, and nonprofits serve on advisory boards to provide real-world expertise to the programs. The Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce also worked with Future Ready Institutes to develop four industry councils to advise the work of the institutes.

The Future Ready Institutes were so successful in the first year that the program was awarded the Community Impact Award by the Urban League of Greater Chattanooga.

Six new institutes will join the line-up for the 2019-2020 school year:
• Institute of Entrepreneurship opening at Brainerd High
• Institute of Leadership at East Ridge High School,
• Institute of Robotics and Welding at The Howard School
• Institute of Architecture and Construction at The Howard School
• Institute of Automotive Maintenance and Manufacturing at Lookout Valley Middle/High
• Institute of Health Sciences at Tyner Academy.

Two existing programs are also relocating to provide more access to students in the district. The programs will leave Ooltewah High and Central High for a new home at the Harrison Bay Future Ready Center. Both Ooltewah and Central students will then have access to both programs.

The first day of school is important for students of all ages- whether it be the first day of kindergarten or the first day of senior year. Attendance on the first day sets the tone for the rest of the school year. Hamilton County Schools wants every student to be #FirstDayReady!

Photo: Representatives from BlueCross work this summer to get the BlueCross Technology Academy at Red Bank High School ready for the first day of school

Reasons to be excited about the first day of school on Wednesday, August 7
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