Prodigy (Links to an external site.) is an engaging, curriculum-aligned math platform for students and teachers from 1st – 8th grade.  The platform encourages self-paced math practice for both in and out of school that is leveled based on your students progress.  Prodigy meets ESSA Tier 3 in partnership with John Hopkins University. Your students can work through topics based on their levels or you can assign specific skills for them to complete; all while they think they are playing a game!  State test prep is also available to assign.

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 coolmath (Links to an external site.) offers online math games that help students ages 3+ with basic math lessons, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, money and more. (Links to an external site.) is appropriate for ages 3 through 12 and includes math games for pre-K students.
 math_game Whether you have a child in pre-K or seventh grade, you can beat boredom and keep your learner's math skills sharp thanks to dozens of games that focus on everything from counting to algebra on Math Game Time's website.
 seneca Using Seneca (Links to an external site.), younger kids can brush up on multiplication tables while middle schoolers practice their pre-algebra skills. There are also Spanish and biology courses available, as well as classes for high schoolers.
math_playground  Today, millions of children visit Math Playground (Links to an external site.) to master multiplication facts, model math word problems, explore fractions and more. Our premium membership provides children with the very best online math games and an ad-free space in which to play and learn. I hope you enjoy your 7-day free trial.