What is Digital Literacy?

During these uncertain times of online and remote learning, Hamilton County and EVERFI have partnered together to offer parents, teachers, and students our resource Ignition: Digital Literacy.

So, what is digital literacy?

Digital literacy is a comprehensive understanding of how to engage in responsible online behaviors and includes information literacy (the ability to use critical thinking skills to spot false information on the internet, make decisions about online content, and successfully research and evaluate content to determine what sources to trust and how to properly credit them). In the era of viral news, social media, and ubiquity of uncredited, free-floating posts and opinions it is more imperative than ever that teens and adults possess the necessary aptitude and acumen to assess, contextualize and use the different types of digital literacy they need for the media they consume. We have two ways to go about this: quick PDF conversation starters or a deeper, more involved course that students and/or their families could walk through called Ignition.

Tips, conversation starters and activities to promote safe, effective use of the internet for our students.

Ignition Course - What is Ignition?

Ignition: Digital Wellness is an online, self-paced, and self-assessing course offered on EVERFI's platform. The course contains gamified lessons on topics such as:

  • Protecting online data and personal information
  • Balancing screen time and offline time
  • Managing online connections and respectful online communications
  • Digital rights and restrictions
  • and more

How to access:

Parents can access Ignition by following the directions detailed here. Or simply going to the EVERFI parent portal, selecting Tennessee, typing in the school name, and then logging in.

Questions? Contact Jacob Preston at [email protected].