Future Ready Institute Bus HUB Schedule

The Bus HUB schedule is for students attending a Future Ready Institute out of their home school district. STEM School Chattanooga is the central transfer HUB for the routes to get students from their home school area to Future Ready Institutes. The schedule will be determined by the starting time and ending time of the school where the Future Ready Institute is located the student attends. The schools are in three Tiers on the schedule based on starting and ending times. Starting point HUB sites are at locations north and south of the Tennessee River. Sites north of the river are Hixson High, Red Bank High, Thrasher Elementary, and Soddy Daisy High. Locations south of the river are Ooltewah High, Publix on East Brainerd Road, STEM School Chattanooga at Chattanooga State, and The Howard High School.

1st Tier Schools 2nd Tier Schools 3rd Tier Schools
Central High School 7:20 – 2:20
Brainerd High School 8:15 – 3:15
Tyner Academy 8:55 – 3:55
Soddy Daisy High School 7:15 – 2:15
  The Howard Academy 9:00 – 4:00
Hixson High School 7:15 – 2:15
Lookout Valley High School 7:15 - 2:15
Ooltewah High School 7:15 – 2:15
East Hamilton High School 7:15 – 2:15
East Ridge High School 7:15 – 2:15
Sale Creek High School 7:15 – 2:15
Red Bank High School 7:20 – 2:20
Signal Mountain High School 7:45 – 2:45

First, find the tier designation in the chart above of the school (Future Ready Institute) your child will attend. Next, find the pick-up time and bus number for the FRI HUB Starting Point in the morning that will take your student to the central Transfer HUB at STEM School (See Step 1 below.) Finally, find the transfer time and bus number for the connecting bus that will take your student from the STEM School Transfer HUB to the destination Future Ready Institute school (See Step 2 below.)

You will also find the returning times and bus numbers for the afternoon on the return information. First, find the bus and times from the Future Ready Institute to the STEM Transfer HUB (Step 3 below.) Next, find the departure time and bus number from the STEM Transfer HUB to the HUB location where your child will be returned to the place the student started in the morning (Step 4 below.)

Bus Routes and Time Schedules for FRI HUBS


Step 1: FRI HUB Starting Point Sites (Morning)

Step 2: FRI Transfer Times at STEM School (Morning)

Step 3: FRI Return Times to the STEM Transfer HUB (Afternoon)

Step 4: Transfer HUB Departure Times and Arrival Times at the Starting HUB Location (Afternoon)

We hope this transportation service will allow more students to enroll in a Future Ready Institute that matches their career goals.