Wendy Lyness
Posted on 10/07/2020
Wendy Lyness

Today’s #HCSHeroes Spotlight is Wendy Lyness, an in-school suspension supervisor at Signal Mountain Middle/High School. In addition to covering her normal duties, this semester Mrs. Lyness is also taking on the supervision of an art class while the teacher works remotely.

“At the beginning of the year, Dr. Harwood emphasized that this year would be like no other year with its many challenges, so when I was asked to cover Ms. Parks' classes, I knew I needed to say yes,” said Mrs. Lyness. “We are all having to work together to have a successful year.”

Mrs. Lyness says covering the class has been a nice change because she loves seeing the talented art students at work. She also enjoys having the opportunity to work with Ms. Parks, who is actually an old friend from high school.

“During this challenging time, Mrs. Lyness is an unbelievable example of doing whatever is needed for our students and our school,” said Dr. Harwood. “With one of her colleagues needing to teach from home this semester, Mrs. Lyness is assisting by supervising the teacher's classes as she teaches remotely. It's not easy, but Mrs. Lyness' selfless act is certainly appreciated as everyone on our staff has accepted the charge of jumping in to help wherever and however needed.”

The efforts of our teachers and staff are truly heroic, and we are proud to have people like Mrs. Lyness on our team to support our students!

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