Michelle “Missy” Greene
Posted on 04/27/2021
Michelle “Missy” Greene

Today’s #HCSHeroes Spotlight is Michelle “Missy” Greene, a 5th grade math teacher at CSLA. Ms. Greene, who has taught in the district for over 20 years, is being recognized for her commitment to the success of students through math and beyond.


“Ms. Greene has become a rite of passage in our family,” said Jessica Ghazi, a parent. “She taught my daughter Ruby two years ago, and her influence resulted in a dramatic transformation. Ruby's confidence and skill level grew tremendously in math after a series of coaching sessions. Now, Ms. Greene has my son Otto and we are seeing the exact same results. After our first parent teacher conference, we set goals for him and asked her to ‘work her magic’. Even with all the challenges of COVID, Otto has moved from a 2+ to a 3+ on his second benchmark.  Furthermore, his attitude about math has changed. He even remarked, ‘Math is easy now,’ casually over dinner.”

Ms. Ghazi adds, “We are so thankful for the way Ms. Greene leverages relationships and data to help students be successful. My daughter is now an A student and the change began with success in 5th grade math. Now that I am seeing the same results with my son, I know this is a direct result of Ms. Greene's professional practice.”

Despite the challenges of remote learning this year, Ms. Greene is still seeing her students make progress while keeping classes as close to normal as possible.

“My students have been amazing during COVID-19,” said Ms. Greene. “When learning remotely, my goal was to make our digital learning environment mirror our classroom as far as the way I delivered math instruction. We utilized digital resources that allow students to experience math with digital manipulatives, as well as applications that facilitate collaboration.  Platforms that foster student engagement and the ability for me to see my students ‘do the math’ in real-time were instrumental during our distance learning. While learning remotely, my students not only learned math, but they learned life skills and broadened their digital toolkit with resources they will carry into middle school.”

It is inspiring to see so many teachers like Ms. Greene who are invested in the success of students inside and outside of the classroom.

Ms. Greene adds, “My favorite part of my job is fostering a growth mindset in my fifth graders. I enjoy seeing students realize they CAN be a successful math learner! I work at an amazing school where I am surrounded by great colleagues who make me a better teacher.”

The efforts of our teachers and staff are truly heroic, and we are proud to have people like Ms. Greene on our team to support our students!

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