Brainerd- Law, First Responders, and Forensic Science

The Institute of Law, First Responders, and Forensic Science at Brainerd High School incorporates the career-technical programs for study for emergency services as well as criminal justice and corrective services. There are two pathways within the institute of Law, First Responders, and Forensic Science. Emergency Services is related to Health Science Education and begins to train students for medical terminology and therapeutics, emergency first aid and CPR, and clinical internships. Criminal Justice and Corrections is a separate pathway that teaches students about the law and legal procedures, the history and philosophy of law enforcement, and the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democracy. Students in this institute can specialize in either strand or even both as they prepare for a career as EMTs, nurses, doctors, paralegals, police officers, firefighters, crime scene investigators, lawyers or the military. Brainerd High has established partnerships with the Chattanooga Bar Association, the Hamilton County District Attorney’s Office, and the Chattanooga Police and Fire Departments.

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