East Ridge- Engineering and Design

The Institute of Engineering and Design at East Ridge High School offers opportunities in four areas of focus: Architecture and Engineering, Interior Design, Graphic Arts and Design and Audio Visual Production. Each provides unique fields of study that have challenging course loads designed to prepare students for life after high school. The Architecture and Engineering (AED) pathway offers students an introduction to the different aspects of engineering careers. Our Interior Design pathway prepares students to enter a post-secondary career in interior design. Digital Arts and Design prepares its students in all aspects of multimedia design, and our Audio Visual Production pathway prepares its graduates to enter a career in broadcast production. All four pathways will use the concept of Problem Based Learning and will provide students with early post-secondary credit opportunity, whether it be job shadowing, work based learning, dual-credit, dual enrollment, or industry certifications. Each pathway will also focus on the development of soft skills which will aid students for the rest of their lives. Students graduating from the Institute of Engineering and Design will be truly prepared for today’s world.


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