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Want To Attend a Magnet School?

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Hamilton County's 13 different magnet schools offer families a choice in selecting a program where the curriculum is built around a focused theme. By providing unique programs, magnet schools give students the option of applying to a school that matches their special interest and learning style.

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Magnet school programs help enhance public education by giving students the opportunity to share learning experiences with students from different cultures and backgrounds who have similar interest. All magnet schools have a common core curriculum that includes language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.


Parental involvement is a vital part of the success of magnet schools. Eighteen hours of service to the school is required of parents who choose magnet schools for their children, with the exception of the STEM School Chattanooga. Parent/Community Involvement Coordinators are available to provide meaningful service opportunities for parents/guardians. Communicating with parents on a regular basis, via website or newsletters, is a vital part of their service to the parents as well as the students.


As a parent, you are encouraged to review the magnet options with your child to find the learning environment that will best suit his or her needs. Take the time to consider the strengths of your child and visit the schools. Find out for yourself what is available by attending special open houses or touring opportunities. Check out the school's website for further information.

List of Magnet Schools within Hamilton County

Barger Academy of Fine Arts (K-5)

Battle Academy (K-5)

Brown Academy (K-5)

Calvin Donaldson Environmental Science Academy (K-5)

Center for Creative Arts (6-12)

Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences (K-5)

Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences (6-12)

Chattanooga School for the Liberal Arts (K-8)

East Lake Academy (6-8)

Lakeside Academy of Math, Science and Technology (K-5)

Normal Park Museum Magnet (K-8)

STEM School Chattanooga (9-11)

Tyner Academy of Math, Science and Technology (9-12)

Tyner Middle Academy of Math, Science and Technology (6-8)

If you would like more information, we invite you to email Magnet School Services.

Interested in applying to one of our magnet schools? Please refer to the Applications & Information Section.