CSLA Kindergarten Admissions Process

2019-20 School Year

Children are admitted to Kindergarten at CSLA through a lottery process. Applications for admission can only be obtained by following the following procedures. Families interested in Kindergarten at CSLA must attend an Orientation Meeting to be eligible to be entered in the lottery in November. Your child must be 5 years old by Aug. 15, 2018 to be eligible for the lottery. Please note that if you are interested in Kindergarten at CSAS (downtown on 3rd St.), you must complete their admissions process separately.

**Parents or Step-Parents MUST be the ones to attend ONE of these meetings. We encourage you to NOT bring your children as these times are designed for adults.**

1. Orientation Meetings @ CSLA (please sign up using the link on the CSLA homepage)

Thursday, September 13th at 6pm

Tuesday, September 25th at 6pm

At this session, families will be given an overview of the Paideia philosophy, the school curriculum, school citizenship expectations and parent commitments. All interested families with a child eligible for Kindergarten in 2019-20 will receive a lottery application at the conclusion of the meeting. The applications should be completed and turned in that evening.

2. Lottery Drawing - Wednesday, November 1st.

Each completed lottery application will have an ID number and each ID number will be drawn at Hamilton County's Central Office. There is a separate lottery for CSLA and for CSAS. The order in which applications are drawn will be used to form a "wait list" for Kindergarten 2020-21.

If your child is drawn #1-50 for CSLA, you will continue with the admissions process. We have a limited number of spots available and we do this out of respect for people's time. You will then complete a tour of the school and attend a parent seminar. Applications that are drawn #51 and below in the lottery will not be eligible for a space for Kindergarten, but they will form the lottery admission list for future admission eligibility.

3. School Tours -  October 18 & 23

These are done during the school day so you can see what our teachers and students are doing in the classroom and how students interact and travel throughout the building.

4. Seminar - November 1 & 12

An integral part of the Paideia philosophy is Socratic Seminar where students and teachers learn to think critically, dig deeper and hear opposing ideas and opinions. As potential parents, you'll participate in a Seminar led by one of our trained faculty or staff.

**It is important to note that missing ANY of these steps will result in your name being removed from the Admissions list.**

Families who complete all steps (Orientation, Tour and Seminar) will be eligible for admission as space is available (siblings of current students and children of staff are pre-admitted). Offers of admission for CSLA will be mailed by December 15, 2018.

If you have questions, please email us at: csla_admissions@hcde.org.