Specialty Schools in Hamilton County Schools are for children who seek education on their terms at the Hamilton County Virtual School or those suspended or expelled from their regular school program and need the non-traditional environment at Washington Alternative Learning Center.

The Dawn Program is offered through the Exceptional Education office of Hamilton County Schools. The program provides educational opportunities for students who function best in a controlled environment. The school is located in the former White Oak Elementary and serves about 60 students who have severe disabilities.
Hamilton County Virtual School offers a K-12 curriculum aligned with state standards and Common Core. Courses at the school can be taken for credit recovery, acceleration, scheduling flexibility, homebound or homeschool instruction, and access to learning outside of the traditional four walls of a classroom on a set schedule. The school adds courses to the catalog on an on-going basis, and the courses are taught by highly-qualified content-area teachers.
Mechatronics Akademie is a unique partnership between Chattanooga State, Volkswagen, and Hamilton County Department of Education.  Blending high school, dual credit, and dual enrollment courses, this program is designed to give students a jump start on the path to future success in Mechatronics.
Polytech Academy at Chattanooga State is a unique blend of high school and college designed to give students a jump start on their education and career paths. Students will take a blend of Chattanooga State and Hamilton County classes.
Washington Alternative Learning Center is a safe, clean, caring, structured learning environment with the appropriate emphasis on behavior and academic achievement. Students are remanded to the school for a specific amount of time before being allowed to return to their home school.