Every Student Belongs

Every student will have connections to their school through educators, staff, other students, and their community.



  • Create a sense of belonging in school and community
  • Strengthen relationships between schools and families
  • Continuously Improve Student Well-Being


  • Helping students feel comfortable with challenges: Establishing safe, honoring, and respectful learning spaces that foster perseverance and recognize all students experience growth as unique individuals.  
  • Developing strong character and self-management: Dedicating attention to cultivating students’ personal traits, such as courage, curiosity, integrity, leadership, and empathy. 
  • Building student-centered relationships outside the school day: Increasing opportunities to demonstrate respectful behavior, collaboration, and sportsmanship through clubs, extracurricular activities, and sports.
  • Creating a welcoming space for all: Equipping and sustaining all educators, including our teachers, staff members, and administrators, to design supports that include and encourage every learner. 
  • Constructing solid, equity-based foundations in every school, born from shared purpose, responsibility, caring, and mutual respect: Optimizing systems and processes to gauge connections, belonging, and social development. 


Every Student Belongs Metrics