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Talent Point of Contact

Penny M. Murray, Chief Talent Officer

498-7056 murray_p@hcde.org
Crystal Kirk, HR Administrative Assistant
344-1440 kirk_crystal@hcde.org

Talent Acquisition

Dr. Ava Warren, Director - Classified & Certified
498-7050 warren_a@hcde.org

Classified Staff

Tonya Kirk, Coordinator


Dorene Lacey, Generalist


Kimberly Wheeler, Generalist (Orientations)

Certified Staff - Elementary Schools, Pre-K, ESL, Social Workers, System Wide Ex. Ed

Christal Patterson, Coordinator


Kyle Pickett, Generalist

Certified Staff - Middle, High & Combo Schools, Administrators School Based & CO, Non Faculty Coaches

Dr. Ava Warren, Director

498-7050 warren_a@hcde.org

Natasha Crutcher, Generalist (Middle, High & Combo)

498-7053 crutcher_n@hcde.org

Christy Thurman, Generalist (Administrators & Non Faculty Coaches)

498-7067 thurman_c@hcde.org


Krista Torrance, Supervisor Benefits Department 498-7060 torrance_k@hcde.org
Medical Benefits

Kimberly Eames, Benefits Technician
Nancy Bost, Benefits Technician (part-time)

498-7088 eames_k@hcde.org

Dental Reimbursement

Allison Coulter, Benefits Technician

498-7087 coulter_allison@hcde.org
FSA, Retirees

Lori Heffington, Benefits Technician

498-7086 heffington_lori@hcde.org
On the Job Injuries

Bettina Wilkes, Benefits Technician

498-7084 wilkes_b@hcde.org

Induction and Leadership Development

Dr. Zac Brown, Director
498-7090 brown_z@hcde.org
New Teacher Induction (New Teacher Academy, Orientation, Supports), Mentors, COMP Classroom Management, Whole Teacher=Well Teacher

Erin Kirby, Elementary Induction Specialist

785-7479 kirby_erin@hcde.org

Jill Landtroop, Secondary Induction Specialist

(678) 898-4382 landtroop_jill@hcde.org
Project Coach and T-Eval

John Stewart, Project Manager of Evaluation Models

298-7279 stewart_john@hcde.org
Sub System, ESS Liaison

Paul Smith

489-7076 smith_pe@hcde.org

Talent Management

Erin Harrell, Director
498-7049 harrell_e@hcde.org
Talent Acquisition and Grow Your Own

Jerica Johnson, Elementary Talent Acquisition Manager

498-7065 johnson_jerica@hcde.org

Jesse Gray, Secondary Talent Acquisition Manager

498-7085 gray_jesse@hcde.org

Kimberly Wheeler, Generalist

498-7066 wheeler_k@hcde.org
Background & DCS Checks, Volunteers, Drug Screens

Christy Thurman, Generalist

498-7067 thurman_c@hcde.org
Leave of Absence, FMLA Accommodations, ADA
Cathy Hendricks, Sr. HR Generalist 489-7068 hendricks_cathy@hcde.org

Christy Thurman, Generalist (Accommodations, ADA)

498-7067 thurman_c@hcde.org

Kimberly Wheeler, Generalist (Accommodations)

498-7066 wheeler_k@hcde.org
HRIS Systems - iCims and MUNIS

Jeff Lyles, HRIS Facilitator

498-7187 lyles_jeff@hcde.org

Sara Garmon, Generalist

498-7054 garmon_s@hcde.org
Position Control

Doug Smith, Generalist

498-7076 smith_douglas@hcde.org

Americans with Disabilities Statement

The Hamilton County Department of Education values all of our employees including those who are experiencing disabilities. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), HCDE does not discriminate on the basis of disability in its hiring or employment practices and strives to provide reasonable accommodations and services for employees.

Penny Murray, HR Director, will provide assistance and/or services for persons with disabilities. Ms. Murray may be contacted at 423-498-7049 should you need to request accommodations.

The Hamilton County Department of Education is an E-Verify employer in compliance with Federal Law, which requires employers to verify the identity and employment eligibility of all persons hired in the United States. HCDE is compliant with E-Verify and we invite you to review the documentation here.

Hamilton County Department of Education is an Equal Opportunity Employer.