1. Definition

Visual Impairment including blindness means impairment in vision that, even with correction, adversely affects a child's educational performance. The term includes both partial sight and blindness.
Visual Impairment includes at least one of the following:
(1) visual acuity in the better eye or both eyes with best possible correction:
(a) legal blindness - 20/200 or less at distance and/or near;
(b) low vision - 20/50 or less at distance and/or near.

(2) visual field restriction with both eyes:
(a) legal blindness - remaining visual field of 20 degrees or less;
(b) low vision - remaining visual field of 60 degrees or less;
(c) medical and educational documentation of progressive loss of vision, which may in the future affect the student's ability to learn visually.

(3) other Visual Impairment, not perceptual in nature, resulting from a medically documented condition.