PTATeacher Supply Depot                                      

The Teacher Supply Depot is a county-wide community PTA providing classroom supplies to teachers who have joined the PTA at their school or have joined the Depot Community PTA. (If you would like to join online, please click here: 

Each local unit is asked to adopt the Depot Community PTA as a community service project. Local units are encouraged to provide at least one volunteer on each opening day as a service to Hamilton County Schools and our wonderful teachers.

The Depot is located at 2225 Roanoke Avenue in the old Garber Elementary School. (Please visit our website: )

Please email or call 498-7038 regarding making donations, delivery of donations, or if you would like to volunteer. Dates of openings will be posted here. Join the Hamilton County Teacher Supply Depot Community PTA today!

Donations are from our community businesses! The Teacher Supply Depot serves as the collection point and warehouse where opening are held for teacher “shopping” days. Thank you to all of our business partners! Donations to the Depot are tax deductible. Below is the wish list for Depot:

Art Paper

Hole Punches

Art Supplies

Index Cards

Art Tissue Paper

Ink Pens

Board Erasers (dry erase)

Labels (all sizes)

Bulletin Board Materials

Large Writing Tablets


Masking Tape

Clear Tape

Paper Clips (all sizes)


Pencils (number 2)

Clorox Wipes

Permanent Markers

Color Copy Paper

Poster Board

Color Card Stock Paper

Post-it Notes (all kinds)

Colored Pencils


Coloring Markers (all sizes)

Red Pencils & Pens


Rubber Bands

Composition Notebooks


Construction Paper

School/Pencil Boxes

Copy Paper – White (8 1/2x11 and 8 ½ x14)

Scissors (round & pointed)

Crayons (all sizes)

Scotch Tape & Dispensers

Dry Erase Markers

Sharpie Pens

Duct Tape

Simple Calculators

Elmer's Glue

Spiral Notebooks

Erasers for Pencils


Erasers (large pink)


First Start Writing Paper

Theme/Composition Books

Glue (assorted size bottles)

Three Ring Binders – All Sizes

Glue Sticks

Wallpaper Books

Hand Sanitizer


Highlighters (all colors & sizes)

Xerox Paper

Mission Statement: Teachers traditionally spend hundreds of dollars from their personal funds each school year on their classroom. The Teacher Supply Depot is open to all Hamilton County public school teachers at least twice during the school year. Individuals must be currently employed by HCDE as an educator and a member of the PTA.

Sherrie Ford, President
Lee Ann Hammer, 1st Vice President
Donna Aslinger, Secretary
Sonja Millard, Treasurer
Cydni Myers, Teacher Supply Depot Operations Chairman
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