School Nutrition Updates for SY 2020-21

Free Meals

Beginning September 8, 2020, all students will be eligible for free meals through June 2022 thanks to a USDA program.

Students that normally pay reduced or full-pay prices will no longer be charged for breakfast or lunch. This includes one breakfast and one lunch per student per day. A la carte items and extra portions are not included.

Questions? Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or call the School Nutrition office at 423-498-7275.

Meal Availability

Option 1 - HCS Learning Continuum

Student Meals

Students in the HCS Learning Continuum will continue to be offered hot meals from the cafeteria in Phases 2-4. However, students will see less entrée options each day in order to get the students through the serving line quickly in Phases 2 and 3.

In Phase 2, students in the HCS Learning Continuum will be offered the opportunity to take home 3 breakfasts and 3 lunches to cover the days they are learning virtually. These meals will be provided free through through the end of the school year.

Menus can continue to be found on our Menu page. Take-home meals in Phase 2 will contain 3 of the 5 meals from the Pickup Menu.

Option 2 - HCS at Home

Students in the HCS at Home program will be offered pickup meals through drive up service.

Meals may be picked up either:

  • Wednesday, 9-10am at any HCS School OR
  • Thursday, 4-7pm at:
    • Harrison Bay: Central HS (map)
    • Missionary Ridge: East Lake ES (map)
    • North River: Hixson ES (map)
    • MidTown: Hardy ES (map)
    • Rock Point: Red Bank ES (map)

Meals cannot be picked up both Wednesday and Thursday. Parents will be charged for the second set of meals.

Each pickup bag will contain 7 breakfasts and 7 lunches through the end of the school year. We encourage items with a shorter shelf life (fresh fruit, fresh veggies, PBJ sandwiches, etc.) to be consumed first.

These meals will be provided free through the end of the school year.

Parents with students in more than one HCS school may pickup all meals at one location.

Per USDA rules, we are allowed to serve any child 0-18 through the end of the school year.

Menus can continue to be found on our Menu page.

Other Safety Precautions

PIN Pads

PIN pads will not be used. Please ensure your young students know their legal, government name so that we can pull up their account information quickly.

Serving Line Safety

Serving lines will be completely sanitized between each group of students.

Students will not be permitted to touch anything another student has touched. This means students will not be permitted to use tongs, spoons, scoops, etc. to serve themselves. Cafeterias will either be serving the students each item or pre-portioning items in to individual cups.

Share Tables/Coolers

We are suspending the use of share tables and coolers until further notice. These tables/coolers typically allow students to reduce waste by donating unopened, pre-packaged items to other students; however, this practice will be suspended until the risk of COVID is diminished.

Dining Room

Each school has unique needs; therefore, each principal will be deciding where students eat. Some students will be dining in their classrooms.