Prepare all students for college and career

Every student in Hamilton County will be prepared to pursue life after graduation based on their interest and passion. Our goal is that students are not limited by their academic preparation, but that a variety of options are available to them based on the knowledge, skills and abilities they have acquired on their path to earning a high school diploma. To accomplish this, we must prepare our students to be thinkers and lifelong learners, so they will be able to chart their own course towards defining success for their lives.

Action Steps:

  • Increase vertical planning within and between schools through area learning community structure to ensure the appropriate learning progression from pre-K through graduation.
  • Continue to create multiple pathways to graduation through a variety of programmatic offerings and non-traditional settings, similar to the Gestamp and Volkswagen Mechatronics Akademie programs.
  • Expand early post-secondary opportunities such that every school offers at least four such options including Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, Dual Credit, International Baccalaureate, and Industry Certification pathways that are accessible to students across all ability levels.
  • Launch Future Ready Preps – the transformation of the middle school experience – to build upon strong elementary foundations and prepare students for high school and beyond.
  • Develop and launch Future Ready Now – a work-based learning (WBL) model that allows our high school juniors and seniors to participate in paid WBL opportunities, with programs in each learning community and both Opportunity Zone high schools (Brainerd and Howard).
  • Launch, develop and expand Future Ready Institutes – small learning communities that allow students to engage with an industry of interest through project-based learning opportunities in core academic classes, as well as career and technical education classes.