Erin Kirby
Posted on 04/13/2021
Erin Kirby

Today’s #HCSHeroes Spotlight is Erin Kirby, the Induction Specialist for Hamilton County Schools. Mrs. Kirby welcomes all the teachers new to our district through New Teacher Orientations. She then continues to coordinate their induction supports such as our mentoring program, New Teacher Academy and Networks, COMP classroom management and Whole Teacher=Well Teacher.

Erin is a bright light in all the lives of people she comes into contact with! Not only does she have an infectious smile that puts people at ease, but she also offers support to all teachers,” said Whitney Whitaker, a staff member. “The new teachers are so lucky to have her to rely on with great, engaging Professional Development or as a collaborative partner in their craft.”

Mrs. Whitaker adds, “Recently, after I lost one of my students to a horrible act of violence, Erin offered to take over a class for me if I needed time to myself. I was completely blown away by her kindness.

Mrs. Kirby, who has worked in Hamilton County Schools for a collective 13 years as a classroom teacher, a district literacy coach, and finally the district's induction specialist, spends her days helping to acclimate our new teachers within the first three years of their careers in our district and also ensures that they feel connected, knowledgeable, and most importantly valued as vital members of HCS.

When the pandemic caused schools to suddenly close last March, Mrs. Kirby was vital to keeping teachers informed and supported. Whether it was connecting HCS employees to wellness resources or helping a teacher through virtual community events, Mrs. Kirby played an important role supporting the teachers of HCS through the pandemic.

“In response to COVID, we significantly expanded our Whole Teacher=Well Teacher supports to offer weekly virtual workshops and events intended to provide space, time, and resources for all district wide employees to connect and develop authentic coping and wellness strategies,” said Mrs. Kirby. “It’s been so uplifting to see our HCS employees come together, bravely lean into the highs and lows of this year, and build one another up.”

Mrs. Kirby adds, “Serving our amazing teachers is the very best part of my job. Teaching is such a complex, important, and all-encompassing profession. Knowing that I may have made a portion of a teacher’s day easier or more manageable is so rewarding and it translates into better care and support for our students. Plus, I get to be a new teacher cheerleader! What’s better than that??

The efforts of our teachers and staff are truly heroic, and we are proud to have people like Mrs. Kirby on our team to support our students!

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