Jade Watts
Posted on 01/14/2021
Jade Watts

Today’s #HCSHeroes spotlight is Jade Watts, a music teacher at Daisy Elementary. Ms. Watts is an enthusiastic teacher who has focused on providing her students joy while learning during the pandemic.

“We are so grateful for Ms. Watts,” said Katie Halabrin, one of Ms. Watts colleagues. “Her lessons are engaging, developmentally appropriate, and meaningful for each of our students.”

One of Ms. Watts’ favorite parts of teaching music is the way it allows students to feel a sense of connection, and she thinks it’s more important than ever for students to experience that during the challenges of COVID-19.

“In my classes, we do all the typical music things - learn about rhythm, melody, reading, instruments, etc.,” said Ms. Watts. “We also use music to explore important personal qualities like strength, patience, and flexibility - what we adults like to call ‘soft skills’ - in accessible and age-appropriate ways. I keep them engaged with everything from puppets to stickers on my face!”

During remote learning, Ms. Watts has connected with students through Zoom and a YouTube channel where she shares videos of herself singing and playing games like she normally would in class. These videos were especially impactful for her exceptional education students.

Ms Watts adds, “My philosophy is that music is for EVERYbody, regardless of age or innate ability. So I bring as many different musical experiences to my students as possible!”

The efforts of our teachers and staff are truly heroic, and we are proud to have people like Ms. Watts on our team to support our students!

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