Sandra Lawrence
Posted on 03/11/2021
Sandra Lawrence

Today’s #HCSHeroes Spotlight is Sandra Lawrence, a Pre-K teacher at Wolftever Creek Elementary. Mrs. Lawrence, who has worked with Hamilton County Schools for 20 years, is being recognized for her commitment to ensuring every student succeeds in their first year of schooling.


“Mrs. Lawrence has truly gone beyond what is expected of a teacher,” said Melissa Staton, a parent. “She is so caring and has been calling to do check-ins with her students, offering Zoom meetings, and even sending videos of her reading additional books and materials so the kids can still see her face and hear her voice. The kids love her so much, and so do the parents.'' 

Ms. Staton adds, “She is a blessing and we are so fortunate to have her in the girls’ lives as an educator and role model. My daughter will oftentimes play school and she loves pretending to be Mrs. Lawrence.”

Providing introduction to structure in an educational setting has challenges of its own, but the pandemic has not stopped learning progress for Mrs. Lawrence’s students.

“Being that this is their first year in school and they don't know any different, making COVID-19 adjustments such as wearing masks, and keeping distance between one another has not been very difficult for them,” said Mrs. Lawrence. “They were often reminded of the important things we needed to do to stay safe, and they just went with the flow.”

Mrs. Lawrence adds, “My favorite part of this job is watching how these ‘littles’ grow from the beginning of the year until May when I sadly have to say goodbye to them. Let me also say there is no one more honest than a 4 year old!”

The efforts of our teachers and staff are truly heroic, and we are proud to have people like Mrs. Lawrence on our team to support our students!

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