The Central Office is organized around eight chief officers. These chiefs lead all the functional areas of the district with a focus on ensuring both student safety and learning. The chief officers form the Superintendent's executive cabinet and an additional eight senior members of administration (along with the cabinet) comprise the Senior Leadership Team.

Dr. Justin RobertsonDr. Justin Robertson
Interim Deputy Superintendent 

Office: (423) 498-7023

Room #: 106


Departments: School-Age Child Care, School Nutrition, Athletics, Student Appeals, Transportation, Auxiliary Services, Graduations, Information Technology, Student Records, Fund for Excellence, Warehouse, Mailroom, and Print Shop.

Assistant: Tamara McKamey

Dr. Jennifer BronsonJennifer Bronson, M. Ed, JD
Chief of Staff

Office: (423) 498-6761

Room #: 131

Jennifer Bronson, Chief of Staff, serves as a liaison between the Superintendent and Board members, school administrators, employees, parents, community, and other stakeholders in Hamilton County Schools. In addition to overseeing the COVID Response Team and School Health, she provides support to the Superintendent’s direct reports to ensure that the district’s strategic goals and objectives are met.

Executive Assistant: Shirley McCallie

Dr. Marsha DrakeDr. Marsha Drake
Chief Equity Officer

Office: (423) 498-7104

Room #: 173

Dr. Marsha J. Drake is the Chief Equity Officer of Hamilton County Schools. She joined the field of education in Hamilton County Schools in 1999. She is responsible in serving as the head of the Departments of Attendance, Social Workers, Homebound, Homeless (Family in Transition), English Language Learners, Guidance, SEL, Exceptional Education and School Health. The focus of these departments is to ensure equity for all students in Hamilton County Schools.

Assistant: Alyssa Teal

Dr. Neelie ParkerDr. Neelie Parker
Chief Schools Officer

Office: (423) 498-7111

Room #: 312



As the Chief Schools Officer, Dr. Neelie Parker works alongside School Leadership and Teaching & Learning to support teachers & leaders at the building level as we collectively focus on improving student learning. Also, she works with College and Career Readiness to ensure that students have opportunities within their time in High School that will encourage them to aspire towards success after leaving Hamilton County Schools.

Assistant: Merideth Adams

MaryEllen Heuton
Mary Ellen Heuton, CPA 

Chief Financial Officer

Office: (423) 498-7026

Room #: 216

As the Chief Financial Officer for Hamilton County Schools, Mary Ellen Heuton leads teams responsible for all aspects of accounting, finance, budgeting, procurement, and risk management.

Assistant: Taniia Hymer

Penny MurrayPenny Murray

Chief of Talent

Office: (423) 498-7048

Room #: 129

As the Chief of Talent, Penny Murray leads the Human Resources and Benefits team that is committed to supporting student achievement by recruiting, retaining and developing high quality leaders, teachers, and support staff for our Hamilton County Schools. The team works alongside school leaders to build and support a talented workforce for our students and our community.

Assistant:  Crystal Kirk