Every Community Served

Every family, partner, mentor and advocate will be connected and empowered in their critical role in supporting our students to become life-ready.



  • Facilitate Thriving Futures for All
  • Enhance Wraparound Supports
  • Build Connections and Opportunities for Students and Families


  • Encouraging engagement through broad and inclusive co-curricular offerings: Offering and supporting a wide-range of engaging choice options that best suit student unique interests and needs.   
  • Expanding career exploration and exposure opportunities including Future Ready Institutes, Pre-Apprenticeships and Work Based Learning: Stimulating career-oriented ambitions through authentic post-secondary and work-based experiences via robust community and business partnerships.
  • Meeting the needs of students through shared responsibility of schools and families: Individualizing learning plans and personalizing learning environments for every student together with schools and families.
  • Organizing support from the community: Collaborating with families and local providers to provide wraparound supports meeting immediate student needs.
  • Investing in middle grades engagement: Installing middle grades engagement efforts and programs aimed at launching students to successful futures.


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