Top 10 Highlights of the 2019-2020 School Year #3 – Hamilton County Schools has historic gains in academic growth and achievement
Posted on 05/19/2020
Photo: McRel Published info about Hamilton County SchoolsWe are reviewing the Top #10 highlights of 2019-2020 as we wind down to the end of a very unusual but successful school year. The highlight at #3 is Hamilton County Schools produces historic gains in academic growth and achievement.

The district’s academic growth in moving from the #130 school district in Tennessee for student growth in 2017 to the #2 ranked school district in student growth today, makes Hamilton County Schools the fastest improving school district in Tennessee. The district was a Level 1 in 2017 on the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System. The district rose to Level 3 in 2018, and rocketed to Level 5, the top level for the state for academic growth this year. Hamilton County Schools earned Level 5 as a district overall and in all individual categories. The district also had 45 schools earn Level 5, and 21 of those schools earned Level 5 across the board.

Accomplishments for Hamilton County Schools include:

• 32 Reward Schools – Reward status is the top distinction a school can earn in Tennessee.
• 45 Level 5 schools for student academic growth
• 21 schools earned Level 5 across the board in all categories
• 66 schools at or above state expectations for growth
• 80 percent of the district’s teachers met or exceeded student growth expectations

The historic success of Hamilton County Schools in the past two years was featured in the September edition of the national newsletter for McREL International. The article in the McREL publication documents the challenges faced by superintendent, Dr. Bryan Johnson, when he started work in Chattanooga in 2017. The article also outlines next steps and how the district can continue the upward climb in academic success to move beyond the fastest improving to be one of the best school systems in the state.

“Superintendent Johnson and his team have really taken to heart the importance of instructional leadership, and we’re inspired by their story and their results,” said Bryan Goodwin, CEO, McREL International.

The Hamilton County Board of Education’s Future Ready 2023 action plan provides goals and landmarks on the journey to reaching the academic achievement levels the community desires for its schools. The district plan has led to department plans and individual school plans to support moving the district forward. Plans are focused on academic improvement for each school and each child. Future Ready 2023 action areas include accelerating student achievement across the district, providing future-ready students prepared for success after graduation, staffing our schools with great teachers and leaders, engaging the community in the education process, and providing efficient and effective operations to deliver high-quality education for the children of our community.

“The growth of our schools and students this year underscores everyone’s commitment to exceeding expectations, and because of the efforts of our teachers, leaders, staff, board, community, and students we have improved at rates that are simply remarkable,” said Dr. Bryan Johnson, superintendent of Hamilton County Schools. “On state academic growth, our schools and students knocked it out of the park!”

Read the full article in the McREL newsletter

Top 10 for 2019-2020

#10 – Six new Future Ready Institutes added along with new branded community partners
# 9 – 20 schools receive a grant from Usher and Little Kids Rock
# 8 – Dr. LeAndrea Ware named Tennessee Principal of the Year, and Howard honored by Bill Gates
# 7 - Office of Innovation and Choice begins with HCS recognized as a global leader in Fab Labs
# 6 – Five schools in Hamilton County Schools earn STEM School Designation from the state
# 5 – Student Success Plans in Hamilton County Schools featured in Harvard Publication
# 4 – Superintendent Dr. Johnson recognized as a Leader To Learn From by Education Week
# 3 - Hamilton County Schools produces historic gains in academic growth and achievement