2023 Green Prix Race
Posted on 03/24/2023
2023 Green Prix RaceChattanooga, Tenn. – Hamilton County Schools is excited to participate in the 2023 annual Chattanooga Green Prix event March 24-25!

The Chattanooga Green Prix event is a student-led, designed and built electric vehicle race. In 2017, green | spaces helped launch an initiative to provide students with hands-on EV and STEM education. This program provides valuable real-world learning to equip students with skills for the future job market. Today, this program supports the STEM curriculum in over 45 Hamilton County Schools.

Every year students from elementary to high school are excited to design, build, and race electric cars. The project helps our students familiarize themselves with electrical/mechanical engineering, electrical wiring, mechanics, renewable energy, etc. Participating schools are sent a box of parts with instructions free of charge and are tasked with helping their students build, design, present, and race their electric cars. Students are assigned various roles by their instructors, such as marketing director, parts coordinator, project manager, or driver, which provides students with ideas of different fields and career paths in STEM that are available.

Participating Schools and Race Schedule

This year's annual two-day race event will occur on March 24-25th at the Chattanooga Volkswagen Location. Students will race electric power cars they designed and built throughout the last semester. Events such as this allow our students to gain the experience they will need to be leaders in the future workforce. We appreciate the Green Prix event for helping our students develop real-world skills while having fun, being creative, and preparing for the future.