HCS Hero Video - Angel Mejias
Posted on 11/03/2020
Photo: Angel Mejias is an HCS Hero.The HCS Hero video features Angel Mejias, an interpreter and translator at Bess T. Shepherd in the Missionary Ridge Learning Community. Mr. Mejias has worked with the children and community at Bess T. Shepherd for 15 years.

Heroes are not always people who do spectacular deeds but are often merely everyday individuals who determine to take an opportunity to act and make a difference. Mejias is a special person choosing to make a difference. Hamilton County Schools honored him with an I Am Hamilton shirt and recognized Mejias as an HCS Hero.

"I love it," said Mejias. "We have about one-third of our students who are Hispanics, and some come here without any English, so I help the students and the teacher to understand each other."

Mejias makes the day easier for parents, teachers, and students at Bess T. Shepherd. "We could not function without Mr. Mejias," said Valerie Brown, the Bess T. Shepherd principal. "Any time we need him to help communicate with our students or a parent, he is always there for us."

Service to the school and children is not just limited to the school day for Mejias. He was also involved in relief assistance when the tornado hit the community in the spring. He helped pack boxes of food, distribute the food to the community, and communicate the Hispanic community's needs.

He is a person who, when I think about someone of service, love, or commitment, I think of him," said Brown.

"I am very fortunate to be working at this school," said Mejias. "I like helping people. I like helping the Hispanic community. It is a privilege to help other people in your own language."

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