HCS Food Locations This Week
Posted on 04/20/2020
Photo: HCS logoFood locations are expanding this week as Wolftever Creek Elementary reopens for food service, the John A Patten Recreation Center opens, and bus routes and stops are added to the new streamlined bus delivery. Wolftever Creek was closed last week due to a loss of power caused by storm damage.

The Hamilton County Schools cafeteria locations will provide food pick-up from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week. You do not need to enter the school cafeteria. The food is available as curbside service at the school locations and includes breakfast and lunch for two days. Food is free to any child 18 and under at sites and bus stops. Federal requirements that children accompany adults to the site have been waived so children are not required to accompany an adult to a food pick-up location or bus stop to receive free meals.

The locations in Hamilton County Schools for food pick up are:

Opportunity Zone

Clifton Hills Elementary
East Lake Elementary
Hardy Elementary
Orchard Knob Elementary

Harrison Bay

Bess T Shepherd Elementary
Harrison Elementary
Ooltewah Elementary
Snow Hill
Wallace A Smith Elementary
Wolftever Creek Elementary

Missionary Ridge

East Ridge Elementary
East Side Elementary
Spring Creek Elementary

North River

Hixson High
Middle Valley Elementary
Soddy Elementary

Rock Point

Brown Academy
Nolan Elementary
Red Bank Elementary
Rivermont Elementary
John A Patten Recreation Center

Bus routes and stops have been added including routes at Daisy Elementary, Hixson Elementary, DuPont Elementary, Hardy Elementary, East Brainerd Elementary, and Harrison Elementary to the targeted stops serving the community. The bus stops are located on the morning elementary routes buses normally run. Routes will start at 11 a.m., and buses should complete food delivery by 1 p.m. Buses will also run on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The bus routes will be specific to a bus number, but the actual bus will not be the vehicle that runs the food delivery route. Look for a smaller bus to deliver food each day.

Specific bus route stops

Bus Routes (The actual bus number will not deliver the food)

3 North Hamilton County Elementary

7 Daisy Elementary

13 Soddy Elementary

22 Daisy Elementary

47 Woodmore Elementary

66 Spring Creek Elementary

76 Spring Creek Elementary

76 Woodmore (This bus runs two elementary school routes)

92 Hixson Elementary

326 Hixson Elementary

330 Red Bank Elementary

333 Alpine Crest Elementary

335 DuPont Elementary

335 Rivermont Elementary (Bus runs two elementary routes)

336 East Brainerd Elementary

354 Snow Hill Elementary

367 Lakeside Academy

370 Lookout Valley Elementary

375 Battle Academy

379 Brown Academy

380 Hardy Elementary

393 East Lake Academy

394 Calvin Donaldson Elementary

397 Clifton Hills Elementary

399 East Ridge Elementary

407 Bess T Shepherd Elementary

422 Red Bank Elementary

437 Harrison Elementary

447 Calvin Donaldson Elementary

If you have a question about a route, please check the listing of stops or contact the Transportation Hotline number at 423-498-5555.

Full list of resources for families: https://www.hcde.org/hcs-continued-learning/resources_for_families

Volunteers are needed for the foodservice program. If you would like to help, please complete a volunteer form.