Kim White, president, and CEO of River City Company and a Hamilton County Schools graduate
Posted on 11/30/2018
Kim White talking on the telephone in her office

“I am Hamilton” spotlights the contributions of alumni, teachers, parents, students, support workers, and community members in providing opportunities for children in the classrooms of Hamilton County Schools.  Better opportunities for children today mean a brighter future filled with possibilities for our graduates, their families, and the community.

Today, “I am Hamilton” spotlights Hixson High graduate Kim White, president and CEO of River City Company in Chattanooga. River City is a private non-profit that has focused on downtown redevelopment for the past 32 years.

“What I loved about Hixson High and the whole public education piece was the diversity of people, and we had excellent teachers,” White said. “I really am proud that I am a product of public education because it brings people from all different walks of life together and exposes you to the real world.”

White is helping the next generation by hosting an intern from The Howard School who works in her office.  “I have been in schools, and I’ve seen what’s going on,” White said. ”The STEP-UP intern from Howard working in my office is one of the most impressive individuals I have ever met, so there are great things happening in Hamilton County Schools.”

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