I Am Hamilton Zavier Chavez, a senior at Chattanooga High School Center for Creative Arts
Posted on 02/26/2019
Photo of Zavier Chavez.
“I am Hamilton” spotlights the contributions of alumni, teachers, parents, students, support workers, and community members in providing opportunities for children in the classrooms of Hamilton County Schools. Better opportunities for children today mean a brighter future filled with possibilities for our graduates, their families, and the community.

Today, “I am Hamilton” spotlights Zavier Chavez, a senior at Chattanooga High School Center for Creative Arts. Zavier is Senior Class president and a 2019 candidate for graduation. He has been accepted at Harvard University for the fall and plans to become a lawyer to help others.

“I think that I am very prepared for that type of environment (Harvard) because what CCA does is that they make honors and AP classes mandatory,” Chavez said. “You really become grateful for it because it pushes you out of your comfort zone.”

Zavier also studies Jazz music at CCA and is the drummer in the school’s Jazz band. He feels the arts are essential to education. “Jazz is all about expression, and you need the arts because it is such an unspeakably helpful thing for all students,” Chavez said.

Zavier is also valedictorian at the Center for Creative Arts, and he is looking forward to addressing his classmates at the graduation ceremony. “I am looking forward to talking to them one more time as their friend, as a peer, and as Senior Class president because they inspire me so much,” Chavez said.

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