I Am Hamilton t-shirts presented to staff demonstrating service to children
Posted on 11/09/2018
Ms. Dyer and her students at The Howard School“I Am Hamilton” begins a new phase of recognition for people making a difference for children with the first presentation of an “I AM Hamilton” t-shirt to Andrea Dyer, an ESOL teacher at The Howard School. Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson presented the shirt this morning. The shirt has the new district logo on the front with I AM Hamilton in large print on the back.

Dr. Johnson recognized Dyer for her work with students from Guatemala in her ESOL class. She has taken three trips to Guatemala to meet the families of students, slept on the floor in their homes and cooked tamales with them during her visits. She has even taken her children with her on the trips and enrolled them in a Guatemalan school during the summer months so they would be able to experience the culture.

“I think it really helps me to know my students and where they come from so that I can more effectively teach them,” Dyer said. “If I know what they are going through it just helps me to be a better teacher.” She legally adopted two students and both recently graduated high school at Howard.

“The efforts Ms. Dyer has gone to for her students is a shining example of the spirit that makes this a great school district,” said Dr. Bryan Johnson. “As we talk about being Hamilton, Ms. Dyer is certainly representative of the people working to make a difference for the children we serve each day.”

“I am Hamilton” spotlights the contributions of alumni, teachers, parents, students, support workers, and community members in providing opportunities for children in the classrooms of Hamilton County Schools. Better opportunities for children today mean a brighter future filled with possibilities for our graduates, their families, and the community.

Nominate someone for “I am Hamilton” recognition.

If you know someone worthy of recognition in the “I am Hamilton” series, let us know. Send a short message that describes the difference the person makes in the lives of children each day in Hamilton County Schools. Include the person’s name, connection to Hamilton County Schools, your name, and your connection to Hamilton County Schools. Send the nomination to [email protected]. Your nomination could be the next “I am Hamilton!”