Q: What is the GPA for entry into the program?
A: A minimum cumulative GPA is 2.0

Q: How much of the program is considered "hands-on"?
A: Approximately 50% is hands-on training through multiple disciplines.

Q: What requirements are reviewed for entry into the program?
A: Student's records are reviewed for minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA, grade level, discipline record,
     attendance record, to ensure the student is on track for graduation, and then an interview
     with the staff of the program. All the requirements are to gain a holistic view of the student.

Q: Do you have extra-curricular activities?
A: MAV does not have extra-curricular activities, however, a student is able to participate in clubs,
     sports, and other activities with the home school, while attending our program.

Q: How does the program work?
A: MAV is considered the school for daily learning. Each student will attend at the Volkswagen Academy
     located at the Chattanooga Volkswagen plant 5 days a week.

Q: What are the benefits of joining the MAV program?
A: A few of the many advantages include free college credit, experience in an industrial environment,
     early interview for the follow-on VW RTE apprenticeship, and small class environment.

Q: Is transportation (bus service) offered to the school?
Currently transportation is offered from Central High School, Ooltewah High School, East Hamilton
     High School, and Tyner Academy.

Q: How many college credit hours do the students receive during the program?
A: Students joining MAV as a Junior, have an opportunity to gain up to 36 hours of college credit.
     Students joining MAV as a Senior, have an opportunity to gain upwards of 18 hours.

Q: What degree is pursued with the college credits offered?
A: The college credits will work towards an AAS in Mechatronics at Chattanooga State Community
     College. Although, the credits will transfer into most degree programs if students decide to pursue
     other options.

Q: I'm not interested in becoming an engineer, why should I come to the program?
A: Engineering is not the only option from MAV. The credit hours will transfer in core classes, the
     students who complete the program have stayed in the apprentice program, went to 4-year universities,
     joined the military, and finished associate degrees at Chattanooga State Community College in other

Q: How are the college courses taught, do students travel to Chattanooga State for class?
A: All classes are taught face-to-face with a college professor at the Volkswagen Academy. Students will
     not travel to Chattanooga State for classes. However, students do have access to all the benefits
     at the campus, if they decide to use them.