Whatever the interest of a child, you will find a school to challenge and excite your young learner in Hamilton County Schools with 14 magnet schools available. If you have a young engineer, STEM School Chattanooga or Lakeside Academy of Math, Science and Technology may be the right environment to develop that need to explore answers to today’s problems. Does your child have an artistic flair? The Chattanooga Center for Creative Arts or East Lake Academy of Fine Arts may be the place to develop that talent and prepare for a major performance stage. Maybe your child has a keen interest in environmental issues in our world. Calvin Donaldson Environmental Science Academy will help the child to think globally and take action locally.

Check out Barger Academy of Fine Arts sculpture garden, explore the Paideia Philosophy that prepares kids for college at Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences. Check out the “hand-on, mind-on” learning at Normal Park, or learn to be a future teacher at Tyner Academy.

Some magnets are grade-level specific, and some are for kindergarten through twelfth-grade. The programs are designed to be as varied as the population we serve here in the Tennessee Valley. Magnet programs provide a place for every child to find a home and a place where each child can thrive.

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School Level Phone Address/City Zipcode Area Principal
Barger Academy K-5 423-493-0348 4808 Brainerd Road 37411 Opportunity Zone Ms. Roxanne Anthony
Battle Academy K-5 423-498-6860 1601 Market Street 37408 Rock Point Jesse L Goins
Brown Academy K-5 423-498-6870 718 East 8th Street 37403 Rock Point Emily Baker
Calvin Donaldson Pre K-5 423-825-7337 927 West 37th Street 37410 Opportunity Zone Rose Odom
Center for Creative Arts 6-12 423-498-7365 1301 Dallas Road 37405 Rock Point Debbie Smith
CSAS - Lower K-5 423-498-6845 865 E. 3rd Street 37403 Rock Point Kelly Coffelt
CSAS - Upper 6-12 423-498-6845 865 E. 3rd Street 37403 Rock Point Jim Boles
CSLA K-8 423-855-2614 6579 East Brainerd Road 37421 Missionary Ridge Krystal Scarbrough
East Lake Academy 6-8 423-493-0334 2700 East 34th Street 37407 Opportunity Zone Lakesha Carson
Lakeside Academy of Math, Science and Technology  Pre-K - 5 423-855-2605 4850 Jersey Pike  37416 Harrison Bay Andrea Johnson
Normal Park - Lower PreK - 3 423-498-6880 1009 Mississippi Avenue 37405 Rock Point Carrie Willmore
Normal Park - Upper 4-8 423-498-6880 1219 W. Mississippi Avenue 37405 Rock Point Carrie Willmore
STEM School 9-12 423-531-6270 4501 Amnicola Highway 37406 Missionary Ridge Dr. Tony Donen
Tyner Academy 9-12 423-855-2635 6836 Tyner Road 37421 Missionary Ridge Gerald Harris
Tyner Middle Academy 6-8 423-855-2648 6837 Tyner Road 37421 Missionary Ridge Crystal Sorrells