Title IX Reporting

Any individual who has knowledge of behaviors that may constitute a violation of this policy shall immediately report such information to the Title IX Coordinator; however, nothing in this policy requires a complainant to either report or file a formal complaint within a certain timeframe. If the complaint involves the Title IX Coordinator, the complaint shall be filed with the Director of Schools. If a complaint involves allegations of child abuse, including child abuse on school grounds, appropriate notification shall be made per the board policy on reporting child abuse. Upon receipt of a formal complaint, the Title IX Coordinator shall promptly.

  1. Provide written notice of the allegations, and the grievance process to all known parties to give the respondent time to prepare a response before an initial interview
  2. Inform the parties of the prohibition against making a false statement or knowingly submitting false information
  3. Inform the parties that they may have an advisor of their choosing present during any subsequent meetings
  4. Notify parents and/or guardians that they are entitled to participate
  5. Offer supportive measures in an equitable manner to both parties.

Title IX Coordinator Email Karen Glen at [email protected] or call 423-498-7221