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HCDE edmodo Guidelines
Dear Parents and Students:

This school year Hamilton County Schools is adopting the use of Edmodo. Edmodo is a private online environment designed for educators and their students. Edmodo is NOT Facebook in that it contains no games or apps. It is a social learning tool and will be used to enhance the classroom experience. Hamilton County teachers are not required to use Edmodo so whether or not your child's teacher uses Edmodo is strictly up to them. Teachers who choose to use Edmodo can set up private groups for each one of their classes. Edmodo will help students develop good online skills and provides the following benefits:

  • Teachers can easily post announcements, assignments, and grades within Edmodo
  • Students can see assignments with due dates posted to a calendar
  • Students can upload assignments in several different file types (even when they are out sick from school)
  • Students can post messages to their teacher directly and vice versa
  • Students can share ideas with fellow classmates within Edmodo
  • Teachers can see and moderate all postings by students
  • Students have the option to be notified when posts are made to their Edmodo class via
    • The free Edmodo apps for mobile devices (iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android)
    • An email address
    • A text message

We hope that your child will enjoy and gain from having teachers who use Edmodo with their classes. You can learn more about Edmodo by visiting our Edmodo site at:

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