LanSchool is software that allows teachers to view thumbnails of their students' Chromebook screens and also has the following features:

  • Polling students
  • Opening the same website on all Chromebooks
  • Blanking student screens
  • Restricting web browsing
  • and more

Installing LanSchool

If LanSchool has been made available to your school, you should be able to install it on your HCDE Windows teacher computer yourself by opening "Software Center" from the start menu and then launching the LanSchool installation from the list of available applications.  If LanSchool is not in the list of available apps, or you get an error message stating that you do not have permission to install it, then contact your school's TC.

How Do I Start LanSchool?

LanSchool starts automatically when you logon to your computer. To bring up the LanSchool Teacher Console, click on “^” in the system tray and then click on the LanSchool icon. (The “system tray” is the far right part of the Windows taskbar.)

Screenshot showing the LanSchool icon in the Windows system tray.

How Do I Get My Students Loaded in LanSchool?

“Dynamic class lists” are updated nightly and make it easy to load your classes in LanSchool.  Information on how to use Dynamic Class lists as well as other helpful hints can be found here (login required). 

For More Information

Please see the HCDE LanSchool guide (login required) for more helpful tips on using LanSchool.